Tech Drive

We need your help!

LNCP is upgrading! Last year the board approved a 3 year strategic plan that will create an innovative technology learning environment for our students.

This summer, we have started on phase one, to upgrade the school's entire technology system. From the data cables that run within the walls to new personal computers for all students and faculty, Luther North is paving the way for many years of success.

We have been blessed with an outpouring of support from alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and corporations. To date we have secured $64,100.00 To complete phase one we need your help in raising the remaining $38,870.00.

Project Funding Needed Funding Source Funded
Wiring $16,500 CLEF Grant $16,500
VOIP Phone & Service $42,000 AT&T $32,000
Network Equipment $20,000 We need YOUR help! $1,000
Chromebook Deployment $5,600 Title Funds $5,600
Amazon Cloud Server $2,500 We need YOUR help! $0.00
Chromecast $770 We need YOUR help! $0.00
Projectors $6,600 We need YOUR help! $0.00
Training $10,000 Title Funds $10,000
Total Capital Cost $103,970 Total Funded $65,100

We hope that you will consider making a donation to support our technology plan. Luther North's future and success depend on our ability to improve our infrastructure. The completion of this project will directly impact our ability to recruit students and grow our numbers through a successful innovative learning environment. If you are able to help, please click here and donate to our fund!

#FF0000 Raised $67,600 towards the $103,970 target.