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“I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend Luther North. Coming from a large, public high school, I’ve never been able to experience a school with a close-knit community, where everyone feels like family.”

Amber Sadlick
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“If you want to be successful in life, this is the right place.”

Christopher Jordan Jenkins
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“It’s an honor for me to attend a school that offered three different academies.”

Kayla Armstrong
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“It is honestly a privilege to have been here all four years. Not many people have the opportunity to attend a school where teachers really care about you and love you.”

Christina Bobbi Jackson
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“I’ve never attended a school that shows so much care or treats me like family. Being at Luther North feels like home.”

Allen Obazee
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“LNCP is a great school to go to if education and faith are first in your life.”

Amanda Noelle Jablonka

Our Mission Statement

At Luther North College Prep, our mission is to enable students to reach their potential and become lifelong learners through a challenging academic curriculum in a Christ-centered, diverse learning community.

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