Student/Parent Handbook

Welcome to Luther North College Prep High School for the 2015-2016 academic year. We consider it a privilege to include you as a member of the Luther North family. We are knit together by the faith that we profess, confess, and practice at Luther North.

Luther North is a Christian, non-public school. As such, an environment is established that reflects the love that Christ has for each of us. We pray that this environment enables you to develop a consistent and dynamic relationship with our Lord and Savior. This Christian perspective permeates the entire curriculum, extra- or co-curricular activities, and, in fact, our entire way of life. Your faculty is expected to be Christian role models that exhibit Christian love and concern to each student. Your fellow students, especially those who have been here for a year or more, are expected also to be role models and young Christian servant-leaders.

The spiritual life at Luther North extends well beyond the required religion classes; it envelopes each day with homeroom devotions, chapel and other activities that reflect who we are and what we stand for. It also is manifested in the care demonstrated by those in charge of disciplinary procedures and also guidance and counseling.

Each week, generally on the first full class day, the student body and faculty gather for a corporate chapel service led by faculty, pastors from supporting congregations, and student leaders. Because the intent of this practice is corporate in nature, all students and faculty are asked to be in attendance and to participate in responsive readings, singing, praying, and listening.

The program of Christian education at Luther North is not to replace your worship and attendance at your own congregation. Rather, it is designed to assist your growth in grace through the use of the Word here at Luther North and to better facilitate your use of the Word and Sacraments at your home congregation. Each week we (faculty and students) begin the week as children of God, prepared to become all that God has in mind for us.

As our school begins its 104th academic year and 60th year at this location, its purpose remains the same as in 1909: to provide a quality education while proclaiming a changeless Christ in a changing world. God grant that it always may be so! May this handbook contribute to your growth in living as a member of the Luther North family, and may God richly bless you in this endeavor.

Click here to download the 2015-2016 Parent Student Handbook.