Volunteer Hours

Giving back to the community is at the heart of Luther North College Prep. Whether by preparing meals through Feed My Starving Children (featured left) or creating care packages for cancers patients through Phil's Friends, it's important that we show the importance of volunteerism to our students.

Prioritizing community service is why we require students to fulfill 10 yearly service (volunteer) hours prior to graduation.

Some opportunities to gain service hours include helping at sporting events, open houses, fundraisers, or other extracurricular activities.While every student is required to fulfill these 10 hours, please note that this doesn't include service hour requirements for students receiving financial aid and/or scholarships. In order to keep receiving scholarships/financial aid, students must complete additional service hours. Additionally, students can use their community service experiences in their portfolio

Would you like to provide our students with more opportunities to assist our community?

We're always looking for new service opportunities for our students to fulfill. If you know of any, please contact us by events@luthernorth.org.

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Isaiah 26:4, Matthew 16:18