Academy Model

In July, 2011 the Board of Trustees approved a partnership with the National Academy Foundation to launch three career themed academies: Business, Fine Arts and Health Sciences. Each academy will be a small learning community that enables students to work together in the context of an industry theme. An “open” academy will be available that allows students to investigate potential careers in the context of a rigorous academic program. The academy model strives to link the resources of business, education and community to prepare students for high education, for careers and for active civic participation. The Academies of Health Sciences and Finance are part of NAF's national network providing students with work-based opportunities and potential internships.

Topics Include:

  • Career Awareness and Exploration
  • College Awareness and Exploration
  • Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • Interview Skills
  • Personal Finance
  • Professional Behavior Skills
  • Resume, Essay and Letter Writing
  • Portfolio Development
  • Service Opportunities

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