Academy of Business and Finance

Academy of Business and Finance

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The Business Academy is off to a great start with the first course in the academy sequence, Principles of Finance. Students learn the basics of financial literacy and its function in society today. We have begun to look at personal finances including wealth management, budgeting, and banking. The class will culminate with students taking a close look at one financial topic. The students will create a poster, brochure, and presentation regarding this topic. Student brochures demonstrating the students’ knowledge of financial intermediaries prepared them for their final project.

There are many great learning opportunities for students coming up this year. We will be visiting the business schools at several of the area colleges. Speakers will be coming in to give students an overview of their jobs and the education and skills necessary to do those jobs well. Job shadowing will be available to students so that they can explore more about the area of business that most interests them. We are always looking for more diverse opportunities for students to explore the options available to them in the business world.

The Academy of Business students spent the final weeks of last semester putting the finishing touches on their financial literacy projects. Students spent time telling their peers about the need for everyone to be financially literate. Some of the topics presented included credit/debt, budgets, income/wealth, banking, and savings. These topics were chosen by the students to reflect areas of financial literacy that should be further investigated. The final project was presented before a panel of judges including community and faculty members.

Following Winterim, Academy of Health Sciences and Academy of Business students worked together to find a cost effective way to treat and prevent the spread of malaria as part of a school wide initiative to learn about topics concerning the continent of Africa. This was a great opportunity for students from different academies to use the unique skills learned in their academies to come together for a common project. There was a variety of activities including malaria dodge ball to simulate the spread and cure of malaria in Africa. The week concluded with the business and health science academy students presenting their projects to their fellow students.

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