Home School and International Students


Welcoming Home-Schooled Students!


Luther North College Prep is now accepting home-schooled students. This allows home-schooled students to take a combination of both on- and off-campus courses. Students can then participate in all levels and varieties of courses for their learning abilities. With an approved curriculum, students can also participate in sports and other extra- and co-curricular activities. In addition, students will have the advantage of taking standardized tests. Students will receive a transcript with the courses taken on-campus along with all standardized test scores. Tuition is based upon the number of credits taken per year and the number of activities in which the child participates. For further information please contact the school at 773-286-3600.


Calling All International Students


Luther North College Prep is now certified to accept international students. We are partnering with several different companies to allow international students to study here. We are looking for host families to house and feed the student, to transport the student to and from school and social settings, and to include the student in your daily family activities. They do carry medical insurance and will also have their own spending money. This is a great opportunity to broaden your family’s horizons and also expose them to a new culture. There is a stipend for host families, but it is dependent upon which company places the student. For further information please contact the school at 773-286-3600.