Winterim at LNCP

Winterim provides students with opportunities to experience subjects that otherwise wouldn't be offered in most traditional curriculum settings. As unique as the word itself, Winterm is a required, two-week "semester" in which students either take one full day or two half-day courses. Our Winterim course offerings have ranged in a variety of subjects, including cooking, needle felting, and film studies. Due to the variety of course offerings, we can provide students with great learning outlets to create new experiences.

One of the most popular Winterim offerings is our travel experiences. We strive students to develop a global mindset, and this includes providing international traveling opportunities. While some of our most recent students were able to visit Mexico and Italy, some of the countries we've traveled to include Spain, England, Wales, and France.

Please note that Winterim classes are selected on a yearly basis. We strive to provide the largest variety of Winterim classes to our students, however, we can't guarantee a specific class will be offered. Likewise, upperclassmen are given priority selection. Therefore, some students may not receive their number one class choice.