Wall of Distinction

Luther North/Luther Institute Alumni Wall of Distinction

For over 100 years Luther Institute/Luther North has developed strong Christian servant leaders in our church and society. The Luther North College Prep Wall of Distinction was established in 2011 to honor the rich heritage and tradition of exceptional education at Luther North/Luther Institutes/ Luther College Prep. The Wall of Distinction recognizes and showcases our alumni and staff who have made an impact in their professions and their communities.
Currently there are 34 alumni that have been inducted. This spring on April 25, 2015 we will have our 3rd induction ceremony. We are currently seeking nominations for our next group of honorees. As alumni, you are entitled and encouraged to nominate fellow alums that meet the criteria for selection to the Wall of Distinction. The deadline to nominate for the April 25th induction is February 15, 2015.

Selection Criteria (Alumni):

  1. Graduated from Luther Institute, Luther High School North, or Luther North College Prep at least 10 years from the date of nomination.
  2. Has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, distinction, and achievement in his/her field.
  3. Has exhibited leadership, character, integrity and achievement in the classroom and beyond Luther North.
  4. Nominations can be made after nominee’s death.

Selection Criteria (Staff & Board Members):

  1. Has worked for Luther High School North or Luther North College Prep for at least 10 years.
  2. Has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, distinction, integrity, and achievement in the classroom.
  3. Has significantly impacted Luther North through dedication and outstanding service to the traditions Luther embodies.

Induction & Nomination Process for the Class of 2015

  1. Nominations must be received no later than February 15, 2015.
  2. Nomination forms and instructions are available on the Luther North College Prep website: www.luthernorthcollegeprep.org
  3. Nominations may be accepted or declined by candidates based on the review of expected criteria of Wall of Distinction members.
  4. A committee of 5 members of the Wall of Distinction will serve to evaluate all the nominees and recommend the selection of inductees to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  5. Nominees will be notified of their selection through certified correspondence no later than February 28, 2015.

Nominations will be kept on file for three years for future consideration. Seeking nominations and information from nominees is an on-going process; therefore, we will accept nominations at any time.

Current Wall of Distinction Members

Wall of Distinction Inductees
Graduation Year
Induction Year
David Anderson19712011
Thomas Bagley19702011
Richard Bradley19742011
Nick Digilio19832011
Darlene Duncan19972011
Lynne (Vana) Exley19642011
Bruce Lester19712011
Kim Lu19892011
Myrtle (Ramming) Gieger19372011
Paul Greig19732011
Dr. John Harrison19832011
Bishop Demetrios Kantzavelos19802011
Beverly (Schwerin) Karzel19482011
Scott King19692011
Ralph Krueger19462011
William Mattes19502011
Judith (Birr) Moe19672011
Garry Puetz19692011
Stephen Sachman19852011
Andrew Schaeffer20072011
Paul Sieving19662011
Glenn Sugiyama19762011
Paul Veith19832011
Wayne Wageman19662011
David Wickline19722011
Dorothy (Asch) Belau19432013
Gerald Danzer, PhD19562013
Sheila Fleischhacker, PhD19962013
Hon. Perry Gulbrandsen19582013
Carl Hagen, PhD19542013
Andrew Kletzing19992013
Donald Mundinger, PhD19472013
Carol (Lohrentz) Wiemann19482013
Ervin (Bud) Wiemann19482013
Brian Claus19832015
Roland Filippi19712015
Ed Jepson19732015
Timothy Loose19722015
Bill Schmidt19622015

If there is someone you would like to nominate for future induction classes, please download the nomination form HERE.