LNCP Feeder Schools

Luther North has a very broad reach for feeder schools. We recruit students from all over the Chicagoland area.

Alphonsus Academy
Audubon Academy
Beaubien Elementary
Belding Elementary
Alexander Bell Elementary
Bethesda Lutheran Elementary
Blaine Elementary
Brian Piccolo Elementary
Bridge Elementary
Canty Elementary
Chicago Christian Academy
Chinook Charter – Alaska
Christ English Lutheran Elementary
Christian Liberty Academy
Coolidge Elementary
Coonley Elementary
Darwin Elementary
Dayspring Christian Admy
Desert Sky Middle School
Disney Elementary
Disney 2 Elementary
Ebinger Elementary
Edison Park Elementary
Ella Flagg Young
Elmwood Park Middle School
Farnsworth Elementary
Forest Park Middle School
Fox Meadow Elementary
Franz Peter Schubert
Fremount Middle School
Frost Jr. High, Schaumburg
Garvey Elementary
Golf Middle School
Grace English Lutheran Elementary
Granger Middle School
Greeley Elementary
Grover Cleveland Elementary
Herrick Middle School
Hitch Elementary
Holy Family School
Home School – New Generation Academy
Hubble Middle School
Hyde Park Day School
IAMS – Inter American Magnet
Immaculate Conception
Jefferson Elementary
Washington Middle School
John B. Murphy Elementary
Jonathan Burr Elementary
Josephine Carson Locke Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
LaSalle Language Admy
Lawrence Virtual Elementary
Lester Elementary
Lincoln Jr. High
Locke Elementary
Longwood Academy
Lovett Elementary
LUSA- East
LUSA – West
Luther South Junior High
Marvin Camras Elementary
McPherson Elementary
Midwestern Christian Admy
Nashville Elementary
Nettlehorst Elementary
North Park Elementary
Norwood Park Elementary
OA Thorp Elementary
Octavio Paz Elementary
Onahan Elementary
Our Lady of Victory
Palmer Elementary
Parkview Lutheran Elementary
Peterson Elementary – Alaska
Phillip Rogers Elementary
Pilgrim Lutheran Elementary
Portage Park Elementary
Prussing Elementary
Pulaski Elementary
Pulaski Fine Arts Academy
Queen of All Saints
Reinberg Elementary
River Grove Elementary
River Valley Middle School
Sabin Magnet Elem. School
Sauganash Elementary
Smyser Elementary
South Middle School
Spring Green Elementary
St. Andrew – Chicago
St. Andrews – Park Ridge
St. Benedict Middle School
St. Catherine/St. Lucy
St. Constance Elementary
St. Edwards Elementary
St. Francis Borgia Elementary
St. Genevieve Elementary
St. Giles School Elementary
St. Hillary Elementary
St. James Lutheran Elementary
St. John Lutheran Elementary
St. Ladislaus Catholic
St. Luke Academy
St. Mary of the Lake
St. Pascal Elementary
St. Paul Austin Elem.
St. Paul Lutheran Elementary – Mt. Prospect
St. Paul Lutheran Admy
St. Peter Catholic Skokie
St. Philip Lutheran Elementary
St. Robert Bellarmine
St. Stanislaus Kostica
St. Tarcissus Catholic
St. Viator Catholic School
St. William Catholic School
Taft Academy
The Glenview New Church School
Trumbull Elementary
Wildwood Elementary
William E. Dever Elementary
William P. Gray Elementary
Woodland Middle School