Seminars for College Readiness and Careers

Luther North College Prep is committed to preparing students to be successful in all aspects of their life upon graduation. We strive to enable students to reach their potential through a rigorous academic experience along with teaching life skills that prepare students for college and careers. The goal is that all graduates of LNCP become adults that are lifelong learners and leaders with character and passion that contribute globally in a positive way.
To reach these goals, students will continue to participate in seminars on early release days year round. A tentative schedule of topics is listed below. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend and participate in any seminars with their students. If you would like to attend, please check into the main office in 202 and you will directed to the location of your student’s seminar. Seminars are held at the end of the school day. All students will be using the website for college and career planning.

Seminar Topics Include:
•Goal setting
•Resume writing
•Internships/ volunteering
•College planning
•ACT prep
•Internet Safety
•Organizational skills
•Alcohol/ drugs/ eating disorders